Oil Water Separator Services in Prince George

At Spruce City Sanitary Service Service Ltd. and Monster Vac Inc., we offer oil water separator in Prince George and innovative solutions for your hazardous waste and dangerous goods removal needs. Here are just some examples that make our solutions ideal for your project:

Bulk Removal

We specialize in bulk waste removal. We have the only vac trailers in North Central B.C. Whether we’re daylighting, or pre-clearing, the techniques we use for waste removal create the least amount of extra waste, and at no extra cost to our clients. We pride ourselves on cost efficient waste removal.

Emergency Preparedness

We provide 24-hour emergency response for vehicle accidents (fuel and oil spills), environmental contamination spills, train derailments, tanker roll-overs, and more. Wherever there’s an immediate response required to contain and remove contamination from the environment, in order to reduce damage and impact, we’re there.

Daylighting (hydro vac)

Daylighting is used to safely remove material in order to expose underground utilities for tie-ins, or for repairs on gas lines, electrical conduit, water, and sewer lines. The use of vacuum and water is now the most preferred way to prevent damage and safely locate utilities underground.

For hydro pole replacement and pole anchor installations, a hydro vac is required if underground utilities are within 3 metres of the pole or anchor. Some utilities are hard to locate, so when in question, it is always safer to use a hydro vac in place of mechanical digging!

Oil Water Separator Service in Prince George

We specialize in the maintenance and servicing of OWS at Card Lock and retail fuel stations, industrial companies, sawmills, pulp mills, and industrial garages and car dealerships. These oil water separators are the last line of defence against contamination being discharged into the environment and contaminating habitat and water supply. Fines and cleanup of discharge into the environment are extremely expensive and costly. OWS regulations require them to be monitored on a weekly schedule. If levels are above requirements for fuel, oil, or sludge, they must be serviced. By law, they are required to be fully cleaned out and inspected every two years. To learn more about oil water separator services in Prince George, get in touch with our professionals.

Parking Lot Drains & Catch Basins

We recommend a service program in the spring or fall to ensure your yard drains are clear of road dirt and soil. It will keep your parking lot safe for vehicle and foot traffic. In the event that we have freeze thaw cycles, we can locate, steam, and jet any frozen and plugged lines to keep your yards clear! We can also steam and jet any frozen conduit and roof drains.

Tank Cleaning

We specialize in the cleaning of all types of tanks, whether they carry fuel, oil, waste water, etc. We have an expert team of tank cleaning specialists to clean tanks for removal, and for thickness testing and inspection. We offer confined space cleaning of tanks for detailed inspection, and tank cleaning for re-use with different product/content. We’ve cleaned fuel and sludge tanks for Husky Energy, B.C. Hydro, Pembina, Spectra Energy, Shell, Suncor, Chevron, Rio Tinto, Eurocan, Skeena Cellulose, and many more. We’ve worked closely with/for all environmental consultants on numerous projects throughout all of B.C., including SNC Lavalin, SLR, Keystone, Golder Association, and Hemmera, to name a few.

If you’re looking for oil water separator in Prince George or a solution to your industry’s hazardous waste removal needs, give us a call.

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