Transportation of Hazardous Waste and Handling Services in Prince George, B.C.

At Spruce City Sanitary Service Service Ltd. and Monster Vac Inc., we have three units equipped with twelve thousand litre debris can, four thousand litre water can, and a one million BTU burner, enabling us to use steam. We have the capability to transport hazardous waste for Prince George residents (with truck and trailer) twenty thousand litres of waste or to legal load limit. We also have the ability to remote-hose from 300 feet or more of the truck, enabling us to remove debris from remote locations.

Hazardous Waste Transportation Specialists

We’re licensed for the removal and transportation of hazardous waste, including:

  • Contaminated petroleum products
  • Soil
  • Oil
  • Fuel
  • Flammable liquids
  • Flammable solids
  • Waste water
  • Waste oily water
  • Waste oily sludge
  • Leachable toxic waste

We can also haul non-regulated products for disposal such as waste oil, antifreeze (glycol), etc.

Other specialities include:

  • Daylighting for exposing and locating utilities
  • Pre-clear boreholes for environmental drilling and sampling
  • Pre-clear for hydro power poles and anchors
  • Installation of shoring boxes
  • Installation of environmental water and vapour monitoring wells
  • HydroVac excavator and bobcat
  • Spill response trailer emergency services
  • Decommissioning of environmental monitoring wells
  • Service oil water separators
  • Tank cleaning
  • Sumps
  • Test pits
  • U-drains
  • Trenching to spec
  • Frozen and plugged waste water lines
  • 24 Hour emergency response for spills
  • Drumming hazardous waste using our drumming kit (including sampling)
  • Parking lot drains and catch basins

If you’re an industry that requires waste removal and transportation of hazardous waste in Prince George, haulage, or hydro vac services, we’d love to discuss your project with you. Call 250‑562‑4666 today.

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