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At Spruce City Sanitary Service Ltd. and Monster Vac Inc., we offer innovative solutions for your hazardous waste and dangerous goods removal needs. Below are just some examples that make our solutions ideal for your project.


We provide transportation of hazardous waste under LT license #0033.  We offer removal and transportation of the following contaminated petroleum products, soils, oils, fuels, flammable liquids, flammable solids, waste oily water, waste oily sludge and leachable toxic waste and petroleum products.


We specialize in:

Daylighting for exposing and locating utilities

Pre-clear boreholes for environmental drilling and sampling

Pre-clear for hydro power poles and anchors

Installation of shoring boxes

Installation of environmental water & vapor monitoring wells

Decommissioning of environmental monitoring & vapor wells

Service oil water separators and maintenance

Trenching to spec

Clearing frozen and plugged waste water lines and all our units are steam capable


Our cleaning capabilities include:

Catch basin & sump cleaning

Culvert cleaning

Equipped to access underground parkade areas, parking lots

Fuel storage tank cleaning

Industrial holding tanks

Liquid waste hauling & disposal

Parking lot sumps and car wash sumps

Removal and transportation of solid waste from treatment plants

Removal of desiccant

Removal of glycol

Storm line flushing


Tank cleans

Steam cleaning

Test pits



Our other services Include:

Emergency spill response for fuel, oil and many other hazardous and non-hazardous waste spills

Drumming of hazardous waste and sampling

Storm and pump station Cleaning

Oil water separators

Vacuum excavating, potholes any depth or diameter

Exposing underground utilities

Monitoring and vapor well installation and decommissioning

Street light bases – sign posts holes – pilings

Installation of balusters

Dry material hauling: sand, dirt, slurries, sawdust, gravel, coal, fly ash, silica


We specialize in bulk waste removal and are a company that has the only quad vac trailer in North Central B.C. Whether we’re daylighting or pre-clearing, the techniques we use for waste removal create the least amount of extra waste and at no extra cost to our clients. We pride ourselves on cost-efficient waste removal.


We provide 24-hour emergency response for vehicle accidents (fuel and oil spills), environmental contamination spills, train derailments, tanker roll-overs, and more. Wherever there’s an immediate response required to contain and remove contamination from the environment, in order to reduce damage and impact, we’re there. Our personnel are qualified to safely contain and clean up any type of emergency spill, such as:

Over-the-road incidents

Punctured lines

Tank overflows

Leaking drums

Saddle tank spills

Tanker truck rollovers

Oil spills

Excavation of oil tanks

Railroad emergency response – rail car cleaning (our employees are e-rail safe certified)

Rapid spill response and containment


Daylighting or potholing refers to the practice of digging a test hole to locate underground utilities for tie-ins, or for repairs on gas lines, electrical conduit, water and sewer lines. Spruce City Sanitary Services Ltd. uses a unique combination of water pressure and vacuum, combined in one self-contained mobile unit. This method is the most preferred way to prevent damage and safely locate utilities underground as it is a non-mechanical, non-destructive process. This method saves time and cost when you want to dig holes for signs, poles and fences installation.


As hydro excavation creates the least amount of ground disturbance, it is preferred for environmentally sensitive areas. The process is simple.  The water is pressurized and injected into the ground via a handheld wand to safely wash soil from the area and the resulting slurry is vacuumed from the excavation through a large debris hose connected to the units debris tank. We are equipped to handle large volumes of debris and water. We easily handle the removal of solid, liquid or dry materials (sand, dirt, slurries, sawdust, gravel, coal, fly ash etc.). 


All underground strikes are costly. Some utilities are hard to locate, so when in question, it is always safer to use a hydro excavation in place of mechanical digging! Gas line, telecom, power line, sophisticated construction, water main or sewer main, no matter what you want to locate, our top-of-the-line equipment can get your work done faster and safer.  If underground utilities are within 3 meters of the pole or anchor for hydro pole replacement and pole anchor installations, a hydro vacuum excavation is required. We can also help with monitoring utilities and installation of vapor wells, street light bases, sign posts and pilings. 


We offer pipe cleaning services for pipes ranging from 2" to 8” diameter. Whether the pipes are located in culverts, catch basins, sumps, manholes, lift stations or ponds, we are equipped to clean them.


Drain cleaning can be tricky and messy, but our crew is equipped with some of the top grade equipment for exterior and roof drain cleaning. We use high velocity water jets to get the grime and slime out of your drains. We can also locate broken lines, if there are any.

If you’re an industry that requires waste removal and transportation of hazardous waste in Prince George and Northern BC, haulage, or hydrovac services, we’d love to discuss your project with you. Call 250‑562‑4666 today.


Whether you have frozen and plugged wastewater lines or need to get rid of hazardous waste, we can help.

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