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At Spruce City Sanitary Service Ltd., we consider our employees to be the heart and soul of our company. They are our most valuable assets. Working in the hydrovac industry requires high levels of professional skill and competence. Ensuring that our employees are trained and capable of utilizing their skills and strengths is a must for the viability of our business.
We do not expect our clients to put their trust in a company that delivers substandard safety and performance. For everyone here at Spruce City Sanitary Service Ltd., a strong commitment to the continuous improvement of health and safety is at the forefront of our operations. Our company is COR certified by the BCCSA and has a Certificate of Recognition through WorkSafeBC.
Our occupational health and safety management system is audited regularly to ensure that we exceed requirements. This program incorporates health and safety into all parts of our operation. We strive for accident prevention through regular jobsite inspections, root cause analysis of all incidents including near misses, emergency response procedures, hazard risk assessments, task analysis and operator training. By systematically implementing this type of framework, we assure our customers that the job will be accomplished in the safest and most efficient manner.

Our crew comprises of competent and highly trained individuals in the industry. Some of the key components included in our training program are:

Class 1 driver training

Client-specific orientation and training

Confined space entry

Confined space awareness


Fall protection

First aid level 1 with CPR

Ground disturbance level II

H2S alive


PSSP training


Young worker training and hazard awareness

Hazardous waste management

Heritage and archaeology awareness

PCB awareness for line contractors

Soil management and disposal

Spill prevention response

Wildlife awareness

Working around water

CSTS 09 certification

eGSo – Enform

General safety orientation

CSO – Contractors Safety Awareness

Fit testing

Hearing testing

Lockout/tag out procedures

Loss prevention system

Wildlife awareness


All of our efforts in developing this program are to attain zero lost-time injuries and to make the experience for our customers safe and productive.


Safety is our number one commitment and our passion. Our top priority is to continually improve safety. We believe that ‘zero incidents’ is a goal we can achieve, and no one should get hurt while working at or with Spruce City Sanitary Service Ltd. We also recognize that it is our 100% personal commitment to safety that affects the safety of our employees, our customers, our families, the community and the environment. We demonstrate, time and again, through our words and actions, the importance of acceptable safety practices and stop unsafe acts before they become a statistic.


As a responsible business, we continuously track our performance through TRIR, the primary safety statistical measures defined by Health Administration (OSHA).


Achieving excellent safety results has set us apart from other environmental service companies. Along with the safety-related programs from Clean Harbours®, we also follow over 100 detailed safety policies set in place across North America.


We strive to continuously improve our safety practices to protect our employees, continue lowering our incident rates, and satisfy our customers’ demands to retain the best service providers with the lowest TRIR rates.


Spruce City Sanitary Service Ltd. maintains memberships in a variety of industry organizations throughout British Columbia dedicated to the promotion and improvement of safety through cooperative efforts. We are “COR™” certified (Certificate of Recognition) by the BCCSA.


By holding this certification, Spruce City Sanitary Service Ltd. demonstrates our safety management systems are verified through external review. More importantly, we are able to continually improve our systems and processes in order to keep our employees safe.


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